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japan – how will an ageing population cope?

The news from Japan following the earthquake, tsunami and brewing nuclear problems could hardly be worse. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people at present.

what will retirement be like in 2050?

Over the last few weeks I have been presenting the annual review of the Spofforths pension scheme to its members. This is always interesting for me, as I get to meet people outside of the usual demographic range plus the Spofforths Financial Planning clients. True, there are plenty of accountants in their 50’s and above but there are also many in their 20’s and 30’s.

wealth management - what if you have a plan!

Wealth Management - what if you have a plan! Wealth Management without the management is just wealth, and wealth can be quickly eroded in retirement. Perhaps now is the time to think about a plan?

wealth management seminar a great success

I was delighted to welcome more than one hundred guests to Christ’s Hospital School on Wednesday, as they attended our free wealth management seminar. The event was a great success and we received positive feedback following the presentations from our wealth management team. The school was the perfect venue for the seminar and John Franklin, the Head Master, kindly gave us all a tour of its ancient chapel.

benefits of having a power of attorney

I recently spoke to the business editor at the Horsham Resident to help raise awareness about how beneficial having a power of attorney can be for many people. Giving power of attorney to someone you trust is something everyone should think about, it really provides peace of mind once it is arranged.

new junior isa's

Yesterday saw the launch of the new long-term tax free savings accounts, known as Junior ISAs. These are available for children who are under 18, live in the UK and don't have an Child Trust Fund. Like an 'adult' ISA each child can have one cash and one 'stocks and shares' Junior ISA at any one time. Anybody can put money into a Junior ISA, the total being £3,600 each year. Interest and gains received in this account will be tax free.

wills - do I really have to bother !

It is important to make a will whether or not you think you have valuable possessions or much money. Why - because the rules for the distribution of assets where no will exists are complex, costly to implement and are unlikely to reflect what you want to happen.

a lasting power of attorney offers peace of mind

These documents will provide you and your nearest and dearest with peace of mind by protecting your assets and allowing health decisions to be made for you should you become unwell. Life can be very uncertain and if the worst happens you should feel comforted that you have made all of the necessary arrangements to ensure your assets are not only protected but can also be accessed for your benefit and for those whom you support. Your spouse, partner or children for instance.

reunited - philip lansberry

Back in 1978 I had just qualified as a lawyer . My first clients were Mr & Mrs Chessman who wanted wills drawn up . You can imagine my amazement, when 34 years on, the Chessman’s managed to track me down to request some updates to their wills. When I first met the Chessman's I was working with another firm in Horsham and didn’t join Spofforths until 2009. The Chessman’s were able to find me by searching online and this proves how powerful the Internet is today. It is wonderful to be reunited with my first ever clients once again and I'm chuffed to bits they tracked me down.

are you risking your family's inheritance with an out of date will?

A very respected charity has just revealed that one in three people with a Will have admitted it is out of date and needs amending. In money terms, this means that over £1.1 trillion of assets could be at risk of ending up in the wrong hands. What a frightening thought! We remind all our clients to dust off their Wills and check that they are still up to date after as little as three years. What were you doing three years ago? The top five major life events are marriage, divorce, an addition to the family, the death of a family member and cohabitation. Have any of these occurred to you during that period? These are but a few of the major life events which might cause us all to think about updating our Wills.

so, how much money can I take out of my pension?

so, how much money can I take out of my pension?
To the untrained ear, this sounds like a straightforward question. You can identify a good financial planner by his reaction.

pm launches big society fund

This week David Cameron announced that a new fund will be set up to finance charities and social enterprises. Big Society Capital, estimated to be £600m, is a mixture of money from dormant bank accounts and the main High Street lenders. To receive funding social enterprises must prove they can repay an investment through the income they generate.

care could cost you dearly ...

With nursing home costs on the increase, Philip Lansberry, looks at the issues we face with long-term care.

One in three women and one in four men are likely to need long-term care yet few believe in the current system, which can see a person's home and life savings turned into cash and used to pay for care costs.

Spofforths feature in Sussex Life

Philip Wise, Managing Director of Spofforths Financial Planning, features in the August edition of Sussex Life. He looks at the tax issues you might face in retirement and provides some valuable advice on how to invest for the future.

Team Spofforths take up a Highland Challenge

Once again, Team Spofforths is set to take part in the annual Highland Adventure Race in aid of the Mitchemp Trust. From 8 to 9 September 2012, we will join forces with clients to compete against around 30 other teams in the Scottish Highlands. After a summer of intensive training we will cycle, hike and canoe 60 miles. It is a tough challenge and we were proud to come 4th in 2012 but we are ambitious and aim to win the race this year.

Professional Pensions Show 2012 - 3/4 October ExCel

Spofforths LLP would like to invite you to visit them

at The Pension Show 2012.

Come and visit us on stand 104 at The Professional Pensions Show 2012

Come and visit us on stand 104 at The Professional Pensions Show 2012! Jo, Wendy and the team from Spofforths, Chartered Accountants look forward to seeing you on 3/4 October at ExCel.

Tax issues on letting property and identifying tax planning opportunities

Daniel Grainge from Spofforths’ Tax Consultancy team spoke to landlords at the Worthing NLA meeting on Wednesday evening. He highlighted the Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax issues surrounding letting property. Members were particularly interested to hear how to use trusts and maximise main residence relief.

The future is in your hands

Philip Lansberry, of Spofforths Private Client Services, features in Fine Sussex Magazine this month explaining why it is important to plan ahead. To read the article on page 155 please click here.

Professional Pensions Show first day a great success

Today was the first day of the Professional Pensions Show 2012 at ExCel, London. Jo-Anne Haulkham from Spofforths’ Specialist Pensions Team were offering advice and a coffee to visitors to stand 104.

Tax advice for Landlords in Crawley

I look forward to joining other professionals at a National Landlords Association (NLA) meeting on Wednesday 28 November 2012. The event at Crawley Library is open to both members and non-members, providing the perfect opportunity for landlords to meet and discuss topical issues.

Autumn Statement - reduction in Pension contributions that qualify for tax relief

In his Autumn Statement the Chancellor announced further reductions in both the pension contributions that will qualify for tax relief and the maximum pension fund an individual can build up during their lifetime.

Autumn Statement : Pensions

Philip Wise, Head of Spofforths Financial Planning, has been busy reviewing the Chancellors Autumn Statement and the proposed changes to pensions. Having analysed the measures he reports that there is no change to the amount you can pay into your pension until 6 April 2014, however the amount you can contribute is set to be reduced in 2014/15.

Tax Tips for Landlords

The National Landlords Association (NLA) meeting in Crawley, on 28 November 2012, attracted a number of members and non-members who were keen to discuss the rental market and related matters. After making a presentation about tax, I received a positive response as landlords were interested to learn more about the issues they will have to deal with when they let property. They were also keen to gain professional advice about Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax. Landlords benefitted from the event and I look forward to attending other NLA meetings in the future.

Ensure you make a will

I have just finished working on a client’s affairs which very clearly highlights the need to have good advice so that your tax affairs are correctly structured and your will is effective.

The truth about our new state pension

In April 2017 the way that the state pension is calculated will become a little less complex than it already is today.

Power of Attorney and Joint Accounts

Joint accounts are rightly popular as they allow two or more people to pay into and draw out of the same account. It is widely known that if one joint account holder dies the others can carry on using the account. Accounts in one name only are frozen when the account holder passes away

HMRC campaign against property sales

HMRC have announced a new campaign for individuals who have sold residential property which is not their main home and they have not informed HMRC of the sale.

Time to Spring Clean Your Affairs?

The April edition of Sussex Life features a useful article produced by Kai Lei Lee, our Private Client Consultant.

The Benefits of Decluttering

Spofforths Private Client Consultant, Kai Lei Lee, recently produced an article about the ‘essential spring clean’ and it features in the latest edition of Caring 4 Sussex magazine.

Spofforths Host Free Event for Landlords

We are hosting a National Landlords Association (NLA) Meeting at our Horsham office on Tuesday 23 April, the first to be held in the town.

Charity Trustees Training Day

We are co-hosting an educational seminar for charity trustees with Rathbones on Thursday 25 April 2013. The event at Pallant House Gallery, in Chichester, will begin with a morning of discussion followed by lunch.

Helpful tips for Charities

Today we co-hosted a seminar for charity trustees alongside Rathbones Investment Managers.

Pensions and Benefits Show 2013

Come and visit us on stand 32

7,000 – it’s just a silly number, right?

As the FTSE 100 index has been shooting up, we’ve been wondering what the consequence of the FTSE 100 index hitting 7,000 points might be.

Inheritance Tax changes

UK domiciled individuals cannot benefit from the spouse exemption from Inheritance Tax where their spouse is non-UK domiciled. However, with effect from 6 April 2013 the amount a UK domiciled individual can transfer to their non UK domicile spouse or civil partner, free from IHT has been increased to £325,000 (previously £55,000).

Do You Have Cash In The Attic?

Across the UK there are billions of pounds of financial assets lying unclaimed and although the figure has not been accurately defined; it is estimated at £15 – 20 billion!

ISA Limit Increase

The ISA subscription limit for 2014/15 will be £11,880 per UK resident from 6 April 2014. This is an increase from £11,520 currently in place.

State Pension Age Increases

As expected, George Osbourne confirmed that the State pension age will likely go up to 68 from mid-2030’s and 69 from late 2040’s.

Trusts – 10 Year Inheritance Tax Charge

Filing and payment dates for IHT relevant property trust charges are to be simplified. Where income arising in such trusts remains undistributed for more than 5 years it will be treated as part of the trust capital when calculating the 10-year anniversary charge. Consideration will need to be given to whether to distribute income before each 10 year charge.

Budget 2014 - Greater Flexibility on Drawdown of Pensions

George Osborne is proposing to give much greater flexibility on drawdown of pensions effective from 27 March 2014.

Retirement income gap increases

The gap in yearly retirement income for men and women has widened to £6,700 in 2014, according to research from Prudential.

Charities pension scheme deficit gets reviewed

The Charity Commission has identified 740 charities with income over £500,000 whose accounts showed a pension scheme deficit and randomly selected 97 of these for a more detailed review.

Have you got a retirement strategy?

At Spofforths we understand that looking after and protecting your wealth is very important to you. This year’s Budget contained some fundamental tax and pension fund changes and we feel it is imperative that you receive the right advice to help you.

Wealth Management Seminar a great success

Yesterday's Wealth Management Seminar at Warnham Park Farm was a huge success with over 120 delegates attending. Spofforths' Wealth Management team offers a unique mix of experts in taxation, financial management and estate planning who are well position to plan an investment strategy.

Pensions SORP Exposure Draft

The Pension Research Accountants Group (PRAG) has published an Exposure Draft (ED) on a revised statement of recommended practice (SORP) in conjunction with its SORP working party. The draft sets out revised proposals for financial reporting by pension schemes and will replace the current 2007 SORP.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) ‐Transfer to spouses on death

Changes are being introduced to allow an additional ISA allowance for spouses or civil partners when an ISA saver dies, equal to the value of that saver’s ISAs.

New Savings Bonds Launched

National Savings Guaranteed Bonds for people over 65 have been launched, and they are expected to be very popular as rates are competitive. They are likely to sell out quickly.

Spofforths Jo White features in Portfolio Property Magazine Brighton & Hove

Jo White from Spofforths Tax Consultancy Team features in Portfolio Property Magazine in February. To read Jo's article on page 45/46 about owning property or planning to sell one click HERE.

Spofforths Jo White features in Portfolio Property Magazine Brighton & Hove

Jo White from Spofforths Tax Consultancy Team features in Portfolio Property Magazine. To read Jo's article on page 45/46 about owning property or planning to sell one click HERE.

Spofforths Jo White explains tax changes affecting non-UK resident owners of UK property

Changes to Capital Gains Tax come into force from April 6th this year, which will newly affect non-UK resident owners of UK residential property.

Spring edition of Spofforths News now available

Read Spofforths news to find out more about changes to intestacy rules, supporting a vulnerable person, year end tax planning, pension freedom and Budget 2015.

Pension Changes announced in Budget

The Lifetime Allowance for pensions is to be reduced from £1.25M to £1M from April 2016 and then indexed annually in line with the CPI from April 2018.

Help to buy ISA announced

It has been announced that a number of banks and building societies have signed up to the new help-to-buy ISA.

Spofforths' Jo White to talk at National Landlords Association Crawley Branch meeting

Jo White will be speaking at the Crawley Branch Meeting of the National Landlords Association on Wednesday 7 October.

Don't put off tidying your legal & financial affairs advises Philip Lansberry from Spofforths Private Client Services

Tidying your legal and financial affairs may be something you have been putting off but, as Spofforths Private Client Services partner Philip Lanserry explains in the Autumn Edition of 'Caring 4 Sussex', the exercise could prove to be invaluable.

Dying without a Will (intestate)

It is only on a rare occasion that the names of Picasso, Amy Winehouse, Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King Jr and Kurt Cobain can be seen in one sentence. Where is the connection? All died intestate, without having written a Last Will and Testament. Research shows that as many as 35% of adults over 55 in the UK are yet to write their Will.

Don't let Illness Jeopardise your Business

Without your daily input would your business grind to a halt? Who would carry out everything you do every day? Who would talk to your suppliers and customers, pay the wages, check and pay invoices, organise your workforce, attend sales meetings and represent your interests at Board meetings, Shareholder meetings or Partnership meetings?

Are you an accidental landlord?

In Leaders' Landlord Newsletter this month Jo White, from Spofforths' Tax Consultancy Team, explains how becoming an 'accidental landlord' could allow you to benefit from lettings relief and principle private residence relief. to read the article click HERE.

balancing maintaining your lifestyle and planning for the future

Passing on wealth and preserving a business, properties or assets for the next generation is often a major concern.

Should I Top Up My State Pension?

Many of our clients have been asking us for guidance about the optional top up to the state pension.

More changes on the way for landlords ..

The government is proposing further legislation in this area to be introduced from April 2016.

A Place for Landlords – Horsham’s Dedicated Landlord Exhibition

On the 28 November Spofforths were delighted to support ‘A Place for Landlords’ exhibition in Horsham. It was a resounding success with over 200 landlords in attendance gaining all the professional advice a landlord or potential landlord could need.

Should landlords set up a limited company?

Jo White, Spofforths Tax Consultancy Team, explains to Leaders buy-to-let landlords some of the points to take into account if they are thinking about holding property in a limited company.

Spofforths Jo White to talk to NLA about recent changes to taxation for buy to let landlords

Jo White from Spofforths Tax Consultancy Team will be talking at National Landlord Association Branch meetings during March (NLA) about the recent changes to taxation for owners of buy to let properties.

Ask the tax expert – wear and tear allowance

Jo White from our Tax Consultancy Team talks to Leaders this month about the removal of the wear and tear allowance with effect from April 2016 and the new tax relief.

Spofforths Jo White to speak at ARLA Regional Meeting

The ARLA Regional Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at The Hickstead Hotel in Haywards Heath.

Lifetime ISA

George Osbourne announced in his speech today that a new Lifetime ISA will be introduced from April 2017.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Rules for Residential Property

Our Property Team have produced a new factsheet focussing on the changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax on residential property.

Spofforths to support St Catherine’s Hospice Make a Will Fortnight 2016

Do you need to make or change your will? Making a will is very easy, but many of us put off making one.

Kreston Reeves extends October Finance Focus Seminars

Further seminars provided on recent business, tax and wealth developments for company directors and financial controllers

Kreston Reeves’ Property Reach newsletter released

Property Reach keeping you up to date with developments affecting the property and construction sector.

Spofforths trading as Kreston Reeves from January 2017

Following the merger of Spofforths and Kreston Reeves in June this year, Spofforths will trade as Kreston Reeves from January 2017.