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businesses benefit from horsham microbiz

Horsham Microbiz was a great success on Saturday 10 March as business people from across Sussex joined us for the well-known networking event. It was good to see more than 40 exhibitors gathered at the Drill Hall.

rathbones' annual charity symposium

Join Spofforths’ Partner Mark Spofforth for the Rathbones’ Annual Charity Symposium at the British Museum in London, on Wednesday 12 September 2012. It is a challenging time for Trustees given the current economic climate, and Trustees and their advisers are being encouraged to attend the event to enjoy some topical discussion and share ideas.

Charities Commission issues new guide for governors of academies, foundation and voluntary schools

The Commission has joined with the school governor recruitment charity SGOSS and the Department for Education to produce an introduction to charity law for governors of academies, foundation and voluntary schools.

New audit exemption : options for small companies and for subsidiaries

The government has recently announced changes to company law that allow many companies and limited liability partnerships more choice in deciding whether to have a statutory audit. The changes apply to financial years ending on or after 1 October 2012.

Charity Trading

Contrary to popular belief charities are able to carry out trading activities - and many do. The income from the sale of goods and services by the voluntary and community sector now makes up over half of the sector's incoming resources.

However there are significant tax implications to a charity's ability to trade.

Reading, Writing and Regulation!

Since the Academies Act 2010 passed through parliament the education landscape in the UK has undergone a significant period of change. The act has sought to make it possible for existing maintained schools in the UK to become “Convertor Academies” as well as to allow for “Free Schools” to be established. Academy status enables schools to operate with autonomy in key areas such as pay and conditions for staff and divergences from the national curriculum. These new freedoms come with a price and that price is a myriad of legislation and financial reporting requirements just as you would expect given the significant amounts of taxpayer money involved.

New charity status is now open to applicants

A new legal status for charities is now available as the Charity Commission are accepting applications to register as charitable incorporated organisations (CIO).

Choosing a Business Structure

If you are planning to launch a new business you should carefully consider your choice of business structure as this decision will impact on how much you have to pay in taxes.

Business structure is important

There are advantages and disadvantages for each trading structure - be it a limited company or an unincorporated business - with respect to control, perception, support and costs.

Government to increase the number of tax incentives associated with employee share schemes

The Government is increasing the number of tax incentives associated with employee share schemes in a bid to boost the number of John Lewis-style, employee-owned businesses in the UK.

New Accounting Standards - how do these affect you?

An unprecendented number of changes are currently being made to the rules for the preparation of accounts in the UK which represents a significant change. This will have an impact on all sizes of business as can be seen in our briefing "New Accounting Standards - how do these affect you?"